• Fall's Colors

    Masters SW NativeAmerican CherylTrotter 1stHorse Mask by Cheryl Trotter



    Fall's Colors

    Gourd Festival Returning to New Braunfels Convention Center


    For most people, a gourd belongs in autumal centerpieces on dinner tables - but they can also be crafted into intricate and colorful works of art that will last a lifetime. Read more at the link.


  • Hill Country Sun News

    CCRice Sharkwave 400wSharkwave by C.C. Rice


    Hill Country Sun

    New Braunfels Hosts Lone Star Gourd Festival

    While artistic expression can, and has, taken many forms over the centuries, surprisingly to many, one of the most unique (and, possibly oldest) venues for adornment is the ubiquitous and wonderfully utilitarian gourd. More at the link.


  • Lone Star Gourd Festival

    Roy Cavaretta Sea Bound1Sea Bound by Roy Cavarretta

    Canyon Lake Views

    Lone Star Gourd Festival

    The 2016 Lone Star Gourd Festival,demonstrates the impressive level of mastery that gourd artists have achieved in a fascinating craft producing fine art. There’s also enticing opportunities for you to learn about the processes and techniques that transform gourds into works of art. Read more at the link.


  • The Picayune

    Don Sharp


    The Picayune

    From Out of Don Sharp’s Gourd Come Works of Art


    Tow resident Don Sharp uses gourds, the typical garden variety, as his canvas for creating works of artHe first became interested in gourd art about seven years ago after taking his granddaughter to a workshop on making birdhouses out of gourds. She wasn’t very impressed, but Sharp quickly found himself exploring all facets of gourd art.  Read more...


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