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The 2014 Lone Star Gourd Festival opened at their new location in New Braunfels, Texas on August 15. The annual event is sponsored by the Texas Gourd Society and brings in artists from across the state and U.S.


It's all about gourds at this show and visitors can vote for their favorite piece, take a workshop, shop for gourd art, gourd jewelry and more.  

 It's amazing to discover the kind of fine art that is being created with gourds.  Don Sharp of the Dallas patch (at left) demonstrates how the Koi fish by Mike Ford is articulated.  Koi was voted favorite by festival visitors and received the People's Choice Award as well as a first place in the Master's Division.

 Hard shell gourds are hollow when dried so the artist can open and clean them for a canvas.  They are long lasting - they have been found in archaeological sites dating from 13,000 BC.  Painting is only one aspect of gourd art.  Many of the artists relief carve their design into them and use transparent dyes and pigments so that the mottling in the shell shows through as part of the work.  They are also wood burned, polished and inlaid with stones or other media. All types of coiling and rim treatments may also used. 


Read the big story about the festival happenings in the Herald-Zeitung's article, Gourd-geous.

Readers of the Texas Coop Power magazine poured into the show after the magazine ran an informational feature (right).  They excitedly told Texas Gourd Society members they saw the article and they were awed by the competition pieces.  Many remarked that they wanted to come back and take some of the workshops offered.

Visitors from the community also showed up in force after Molly Block of the Herald Zeitung ran an article on the front page.  The Texas Gourd Society members had a fun time with Molly as she discovered fine gourd art.  

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